Self Frottage with Light, 2016, 1 flat video

  • A narrated screen capture of making a 3D self portrait frottage (also known as a rubbing) in a virtual reality paint application
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Neveryday Unnaturals, 2016, 5 flat videos

  • A mixed reality genre spoof of popular beauty, lifestyle, and DIY web videos shot using a Microsoft HoloLens
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How to Bootleg, 2016, 1 stereo spherical video

  • Constructed from 3D scans of SFMOMA, How to Bootleg is an experiment in overlapping virtual and physical spaces. It can be watched anywhere but it is highly encouraged to watch it in a mobile VR HMD in the associated galleries. Watching separately either before or after visiting are also effective. 
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The Year of Dailies, 2015-2016, 262 spherical videos

Suki Sleeping, 2015, 1 stereo spherical video

  • The day dream of a young girl Suki, Suki Sleeping is a first of its kind spherical 2D animation with stereo depth
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Ambient View, 2015, 1 spherical video

  • A video thought on cities, walking, attention, and the heart of immersion. 
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Play/Room, 2015, installation of spherical videos

The Way Home, 2015, 1 stereo spherical video

  • Constructed from 3D scans of a commute home from work
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A Journey of Self Discovery, 2015, 1 spherical video

  • An imaginary oral endoscapy
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Getting Dressed, 2015, 1 spherical video

  • A video on clothes and why they matter
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A Collaborative Work, 2014, 1 stereo spherical video

  • The stereo spherical video portion of a site specific work made at the Wattis Institute for Art in San Francisco. It was originally shown in an HMD along side live performance, projection and generated sound and was made in collaboration with dancer Arletta Anderson, sound designer Mike Rugnetta, and curator Ken Becker. 
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Talk Chat Show Thing, 2014, 4 stereo spherical videos

  • First of its kind stereo spherical web series
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The Talking Heads, 2013-2014, 40 flat videos

  • An art, technology, and culture criticism web series
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Random Body, 2011, 1 flat video

  • A choreography experiment using a random number generator and the book 'Anatomy of Movement'
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