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For the week of November 9th, I joined Paula Te and Michael Nagle, fellow researchers at CDG, as teaching staff at Parts and Crafts in Somerville, Massachusetts to try out a hybrid reality idea.

We came with a simple plan: build a physical model of a city with the kids, a special city in which anything could be linked to any other component or anything online. The links were inspected with iPads running an iOS app Paula wrote. The app allowed us to pre-generate all of the codes with numbers associated to rows in a spreadsheet instead of having to print a code every time a kid wanted to link something. It was originally designed to circumvent that hurdle because we figured it would be slow enough to break engagement, however building the system this way also gave us the freedom to manipulate the links as a storytelling device later on. The project was divided into two general phases: the building phase on the first two days and the story phase on the last two.