Making the Bed

Making the Bed is a VR space created in Anyland. When you enter you're plopped down on a red rug surrounded by a minimap-cloud of miniature beds. Each bed, in this frozen avalanche of doll furniture is numbered, 1 – 50, and some have a little green dot over the number. That dot is there to indicate which beds you can visit and experience at full size. As stated in the instructions it’s best experienced seated on the floor with a pillow near by so that you can lay down in the full sized versions. Touch a number with the model of your out stretched pointer finger, number 18 say, and you are teleported to a life sized cot in a jail cell. Touch the number again to return home. Touch number 24 and you are teleported to a nest of pillows on a fire escape. But its not just the numbers that fling you around the space, there are secret objects too! (To read more about this project see this post on eleVR).