Cube and/or Bed and/or Dog

How can #bedartmanifestio be portrayed in images? So far they can pile up in a high fashion white cube, they can send out shots from their native bed habitat, or they can be found cuddling a dog. Which is sculpture, which performace, which photography? 

Cubist selfies of impressionist makeup

Ken and M decide to make a podcast

It's official. Ken Becker, an artist friend of mine who does all kinds of fancy things with clay, and I have decided to record ourselves talking about our art and make a podcast. My goal is to put out a new episode once a month. The first episode was released on YouTube since I already have a channel there but once I get my act together I will have it up on podcasty specific places. 



Notes from other days: I crashed


I crashed. 

I crossed a rail road track just shallow, shy of perpendicular and skid across the pavement on my belly, jacket ruined. Handle bars twisted.

I feel shame and the stiffness in my jaw and my slick red skinless knee , down to the white. The swelling is down by half after an evening watching ice melt at elevation. It was a stupid mistake.

Bruises tomorrow. Scabs the day after that. 

Written on Oct 18, 2016 at 12:18am

Eyelashes and Superglue, Digital Drawing and Text, 2014

This piece is in a series called Live Comics from 2014. Each text and image of piece was improvised on a smart phone.