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Play/Room is a library, a database, an art installation, a Youtube channel, a memory palace and an artist’s studio. Play/Room is a room-scale mixed reality installation in which every physical object is linked/related to a spherical video. The links are printed and attached to each object and can be inspected using a handheld screen. Each tag also has the title of the video printed below the code. When an object’s code is inspected by a player the associated spherical videos show up on screen. The view point can be changed both by moving the screen and swiping with one finger.

This is an example of mixed or hybrid reality, meaning partially simulated, two overlapping, as opposed to adjacent, places. The seam, the API, between these two poorly compatible worlds, being a 3 tap clunky code reader and a web based spherical video player.

Play/Room started with a simple idea: when the web is spatial, when we are used to navigating networked VR, where do my videos want to live? And over the course of its one month existence I got to watch 13 individual play-throughs and one 3 person multiplayer run.