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Independent Pubilcations

How Art Makes Better Tech, Learning to draw in Augmented Reality. Jan 2018

You’re doing Mixed Reality wrong,  Revolutionizing MR and VR UX design inside and outside the headset. Oct 2017

Published as Researcher with eleVR, hosted at YCR

Collaborative Holographic Drawing at WWWest, An experiment in room scale multi user mixed reality sketching, July 2017 

VR Notebook Tour: A tour of my VR notebook and introduction to some of my VR OS designs, July 2017

Studio Metaphor: An Embodied Software Paradigm: A new computing paradigm for AR/VR, June 2017

The Office of the Future: Developing a versatile AR/VR focused office environment, May 2017

Body-friendly Design for Turntable Games: Examining an emerging VR game type and its UI consequences, April 2017

Yoga for building VR tolerance: Exercises for developing VR stamina and resisting simulation sickness, March 2017

Tossing and Turning: A spherical video incorporating movement instructions in order to facilitated richer embodied VR experiences,  February 2017

Making the Bed: A project giving users access to the beds of 50 different characters, exploring VR enabled intimacy and navigation techniques in VR space, February 2017

The Year of the Body: Introduction to eleVR's 2017 theme 'The Year of the Body', January 2017

VR, Data and Embodied Cognition: Art Based Research and knowledge creation between bodies and computers, December 2016

"Would you like to see an invisible sculpture?”: A performance structure for Hololens, September 2016

All about the context: Physical influences on Immersive Media, August 2016

Exclusive Realities: Power and Access in Immersive Media, July 2016

Neveryday Unnaturals: Use-case for Holographically augmented video, July 2016

The Year of Dailies: Report on Daily Spherical Video Project, June 2016

Performance at LRLE: Report on Nested Immersive Video Project, May 2016

Published as Researcher with Communications Design Group, SAP

First forays: Multi-camera Spherical: tests and techniques, May 2016

Spherical Cinematography 102: Texture, February 2016

Suki Sleeping: A new technique for immersive 2D Animation, December 2015

Hybrid City: A Mixed Reality Approach to Education, December 2015

Play/Room: A Mixed Reality model for webVR video platforms, November 2015

Sphere-a-Day: Preliminary Report on Daily Spherical Video Project, August 2015

A Place for Flat Video in VR: Making flat video immersive, August 2015

Spherical Cinematography 101: Scale, June 2015

The Choreography of Attention: Immersive Cameras as Bodies, May 2015

No video is an island: Mixing types of immersion, May 2015

Hyperlink Space: Report on Immersive Web Exhibition Project, January 2015

Charge of the Light Field Brigade, a Manifesto, December 2014

A Collaborative Work: Report on Mixed Reality Installation Project, October 2014

Editing spherical 3D in Premiere and After Effects, A Design Document, Sept 2014

Building a Stereo Spherical Camera: a step by step, August 2014

Published as MFA Candidate at the California College of Art, San Francisco

Unseen Worlds: on using art as a tool to facilitate interdisciplinary consilience at the interface between representational systems (digital construction, cartography, etc) and their meat space originators (atoms, territory, etc) 

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Studio Metaphor:  Revolutionizing MR and VR UX design inside and outside the headset. Santa Fe Institute, Applied Complexity Network Meeting at Hewlett Packard, August 2017

Would you like to see an invisible sculpture?, LRLX, May 2017

Embodied Computation in Immersive Wearables, IX Symposium at Montreal’s Society for Arts and Technology, May 2017

Immersive Cinematography, Seattle International Film Festival, June 2016

Would you like to see an invisible sculpture?, Body of Knowledge at UC Irvine, December 2016

Here and There 2, a site specific mixed reality performance, Weird Reality and ART&&CODE at Carnegie Mellon University, October 2016

Building stereo spherical cameras, Mozilla, June 2016

How to lose subscribers, Vidcon, June 2016

Here and There 1, LRLX, April 2016

Immersive Cinematography, Open Documentary Lab, MIT, November 2015

Spherical Video Workshop, VidCon, August 2015

Immersive Media Research, IX Symposium at Montreal’s Society for Arts and Technology, May 2015