Published as Researcher with Human Advancement Research Community, YCR

VR, Data and Embodied Cognition”: On art as research using knowledge creation between bodies and computers, December 2016

“Would you like to see an invisible sculpture?”: A performance structure for Hololens, September 2016

All about the context: Physical influences on Immersive Media, August 2016

Exclusive Realities: Power and Access in Immersive Media, July 2016

Neveryday Unnaturals: Use-case for Holographically augmented video, July 2016

The Year of Dailies: Report on Daily Spherical Video Project, June 2016

Performance at LRLE: Report on Nested Immersive Video Project, May 2016

Published as Researcher with Communications Design Group, SAP

First forays: Multi-camera Spherical: tests and techniques, May 2016

Spherical Cinematography 102: Texture, February 2016

Suki Sleeping: A new technique for immersive 2D Animation, December 2015

Hybrid City: A Mixed Reality Approach to Education, December 2015

Play/Room: A Mixed Reality model for webVR video platforms, November 2015

Sphere-a-Day: Preliminary Report on Daily Spherical Video Project, August 2015

A Place for Flat Video in VR: Making flat video immersive, August 2015

Spherical Cinematography 101: Scale, June 2015

The Choreography of Attention: Immersive Cameras as Bodies, May 2015

No video is an island: Mixing types of immersion, May 2015

Hyperlink Space: Report on Immersive Web Exhibition Project, January 2015

Charge of the Light Field Brigade, a Manifesto, December 2014

A Collaborative Work: Report on Mixed Reality Installation Project, October 2014

Editing spherical 3D in Premiere and After Effects, A Design Document, Sept 2014

Building a Stereo Spherical Camera: a step by step, August 2014

Published as MFA Candidate at the California College of Art, San Francisco

Unseen Worlds: on using art as a tool to facilitate interdisciplinary consilience at the interface between representational systems (digital construction, cartography, etc) and their meat space originators (atoms, territory, etc) 

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