In 2017 I was invited to contribute to STATE CHANGE, the second LRLX publication. I'd never made a piece in this form factor before so in good BlinkPopShift tradition I made a hybrid of things I was currently making and the new form: something to read, watch and do.

At eleVR we'd declared 2017 the Year of the Body, as our collective shifted focus to embodied cognition in computing, and for me it brought up the long fraught relationship between my body and my bed. Preceded by Making the Bed and followed by BedArtManifesto, Tossing and Turning experimented with conducting intimate immersive experience at a distance.

From the eleVR post on Tossing and Turning:

Tossing and Turning is something between a reading experience and a watching one. It is an experiment in using written instructions to guide the viewer through a series of movements while experiencing an immersive video. If you are going to play along I highly recommend printing the instructions out or at least having them on a separate screen than the one you use to watch the video.