VR/Ar Portfolio

I have 4 years of experience leading research at the forefront of VR/AR technology. Here are some of my projects. 

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My three-scale, body-centered software paradigm, Studio Metaphor,  is a design scaffold for all human computer interactions that take place in a headset. Based on the embodied cognition research of Lakoff and Johnson it steers immersive wearables away from the lingering shades of desktop metaphor to create a new era of embodied computing.

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3D Programming

Reinventing programming in immersive wearables, this prototype would allows the user to script behaviors directly in VR and AR taking advantage of spatial abilities such as: recognition of objects and patterns, scale, environments, motor schema, and the ability to simultaneously manipulate multiple objects in space by hand without the limitations of textual translation.


AR Drawing Tools

Designing a new kind of drawing tool for the site-specific, embodied, frameless AR future. Working with the HoloLens to explore how workflows from video editing, animation, painting, and dance can all be remastered into a new AR paradigm. 


Office of the Future

To make immersive wearable computing an all-brain, all-body tool we have to take on design problems inside and outside the headset. My Office of the Future is designed to support wearable, mobile, and traditional computers. 


VR Notebook

Immersive wearables are powerful tools for spatial  thinking and making and gaining fluency in this new medium starts with VR notebooks. I have spent more than 500 hours in my notebooks developing my research and project ideas. This video is a tour of one. 



"Would you like to see an invisible sculpture?" is a performance structure for an audience to interact with an monumental holographic sculpture via the Hololens. One at a time audience members get a chance to see the invisible but during their act of looking they, and their unusual movements, become what is seen revealing the sculpture to the gathered crowd. 


360 Camera Design

Designed and built early immersive cameras, and contributed to the development to the theory of panoramic twist for stereo spherical cameras, as used in the Google Jump camera. 

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AR Sketchbook

A series of AR experiments which forced various AR tools to function in studio settings beside and in mixed media relationship with traditional art tools. Titles include Pastels under Holograms, Drawing Process with AR and Pastels, and Cake and Pastel.


360 Cinematography

Published groundbreaking Spherical Cinematography guidelines for the choreography of audience attention in spherical video, the application of scale in camera positioning, and reworked traditional flat shots types into a usable format for spherical video called shot texture.

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360 Filmmaking

Produced of hundreds of 360 videos including 1 year of daily 360 videos, the first 360 talk show and devised a technique for immersive 2D animaiton with ‘Suki Sleeping’



 HyperlinkSpace is an early webVR site.  Part comic, part interactive choose your own adventure, part VR art. Explore neighboring worlds with liberated hyperlinks, no longer links between words on a page, but space travel, opening doors between places.

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Classroom AR

In collaboration with 2 fellow researchers from the Communications Design Group I ran an AR in the class room experiment in a small school in Boston. The kids were ages 8-13. 



Solar is an education VR prototype combining simulation with narrativeization to create a powerfully sticky learning memories. Users explore a 3D simulation of our solar system and discover short 360 video featuring Earth, for example, portrayed as the overheated but congenial leader, or Venus, the acerbic and stand-offish loner, each speaking first person in human form.



Play/Room is a library, a database, an art installation, a YouTube channel, a memory palace and an artist’s studio all in AR. Play/Room is a room-scale mixed reality installation in which every physical object is linked to a spherical video. The video objects can be rearranged by the user as they explore and watch.



Unscannables is a 3 part mixed reality installation: a physical installation of paper sculptures, a VR copy of the physical installation in which the viewer’s size can be manipulated, and an AR experience which brings one of the sculptures back into the physical at monumental  scale. Its tests how these scale and material changes shift viewers experiences and memories of an object. 


3D Collage Video

Combining 3D models made with hand held scanners, photogrammetry, VR and flat screen apps I constructed surreal 3D worlds then shot 360 films exploring them. Titles include How to Bootleg, The Way Home, Wet Books Test, and Tossing and Turning.


Holographic Video

A series of 5 videos exploring the Hololens as a tool for spatial creation. In much the same way that a spherical camera is the the body of the viewer, Hololens footage is the lived experience of a body in a mixed reality environment.


Nested 360

Nested 360 is a mixed reality performance consisting of a site specific 360 video which the audience watches and via the distributed interface of their phones and a simultaneous live performance. The live and captured performances both take place in the same room, effectively nesting the space inside itself. It has been performed at LRLX and WEIRD REALITY.