For SCU: Professional Work

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1. Swell/Say, 2007

Yarn, Stuffing

About the size of a couch

2. Red on Yellow (from the project Life in the Garbage Patch: Speculative Oceanic Microbiology), 2010

Plastic bags, Color digital scan prints

120 inches wide by 84 inches tall

3. Still from 'The Look Inside Place,' 2011

An interactive explorable virtual space constructed from elevation diagrams scanned from children's science books. 

Dimensions variable

4. Professional Dancer, 2012-2014

Choreographed, rehearsed, taught and performed contemporary dance

5. Our New Republic, 2012

Digital Image

2500 px x 1167 px

6. String Murder, 2013

Ink, Paper, Digital Color

2500 px x 2500 px


7. GIF Totem 1, 2013

Ink on paper and digital animation

10 140 px x 129 px gifs

8. New Land, 2013


Dimensions Variable

9. Loungin', 2013


Dimensions Variable

10. I change size at night, 2014

Phone made GIFs and images

Dimensions variable

11. A Collaborative Work, 2014

Stereo spherical video shot on custom camera

4K 360 stereo videeo

12. Lens, 2014

Phone made Imagery GIF

320 px x 320 px

13. HyperlinkSpace, 2015

An immersive interactive website consisting of 8 linked spaces the view can explore via the browser in a VR headset or on screen. 

14. How to Bootleg, 2016

Immersive video constructed from 3D scans of SFMOMA

4k video

15. The Year of the Dailies, 2016

A series of 200 spherical video released every weekday for a year

16. Neveryday Unnaturals, 2016

5 holographically augmented videos


17. "Would you like to see an invisible sculpture?", performed 2016

An audience participation holographic performance sculpture shown here at SFMOMA



18. Untitled (Cubist Selfies Series)

Phone made Photo Collage

2500 px x 2500 px

19. Ribs in VR and Pastel

Blind drawing in pastel overlaid with VR drawing found object sculpture

HD video


20. Untitled (Bed Art Manifesto Series)

Fabric, Stuffing

Hug sized