Hi. I'm M Eifler, aka BlinkPopShift.

I'm an artist and researcher working in the ecotones, the transition zones, of culture and technology to create a new form of research, as well as sculpture, video and virtual, and augmented reality technology. Currently I'm focused on incorporating embodied cognition fundamentals into an VR/AR operating system and set of creative tools in order to free users bodies from the physical malpractice of desktop computing. A vocal disabled, transgender, and bisexual person interested in the inbetweens, chimeras, and grey areas.

Find me @blinkpopshift on twitsagram or blinkpopshift at gmail



Featured Achievements

  • Cofounded eleVR, an open research group focusing on A/V/MR technology

  • Exhibited at the Smithsonian, the Kennedy Center, The Armory Show, The Wattis Institute, SFMOMA, and various other galleries in San Francisco, New York and Berlin.

  • Spoken at Mozilla, the Exploratorium, Weird Reality and ART&&CODE at Carnegie Mellon University, Seattle International Film Festival, IX Symposium at Montreal’s Society for Arts and Technology, VidCon, XOXO, and LRLX.

  • Published over 50 pieces sharing research findings in many areas related to embodied computing including spherical video camera design, spherical cinematography, the history of immersion, environmental cueing in VR installation, avatar based storage, place cell activation in VR UI,  experimental webVR, workplace design for VR workers, and many more.



Artist Statement


I make chimeras, things in between things. Liminal things.  Between objects and places, between physical and virtual, between art and technology. 


I Make Liminal Things Because I Am Liminal. 


I hover between sickness and health, male and female, gay and straight, artist and technologist. But these strict categories, like all hard sided boxes, are illusions humans have created in order to parse the universe into rigid taxonomies. 


How do technologies, tools, techniques, and systems (now and throughout human history) interact with and change our ideas about materials, styles, exhibitions, audiences, even the artists themselves and vice versa?


Materials are the best but process is better 😛


Using sculpture, performance, costume, drawing, video, and immersive/wearable technology I focus on navigating back and forth between between different modes of thought and making in an effort to blur the strict categories and discover more about the underlying embodied cognition which creates our higher order abstractions. My goal is to center intersectional, interdisciplinary, and systems-oriented thought as the most important tools for human progress.